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While wear and tear of building materials is inevitable, some will look better for longer if regular top-ups and maintenance is undertaken.

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Before and after photos of a recent demo/remodel

This load bearing wall was removed, LVL beams installed to open the kitchen dining room

Kitchen demo'd, floors walls, cabinets, appliances all went away, we opened the wall, supported with LVL beam, installed new floors, walls, cabinets and appliances.

Complete kitchen remodel

This is one example of many transformations we can perform in you home.  Pictured here are newly installed cabinets, all newly installed appliances, new hardwood floor, load bearing wall between kitchen and dining room opened, for open floor plan between the two room. 

Home Care Maintenance Plan

Quarterly Maintenance and Inspection Plan

A Handyman Co Maintenance Plan is designed to completely ‘maintain’ a home from top-to-bottom, inside-

and-out. It covers all home maintenance which is defined as the observation, reporting, adjusting, cleaning,

lubricating, tightening, and general servicing that is needed to keep functional home items operating

according to their intended use. Every maintenance plan begins with a comprehensive inspection to

categorize the type of fixtures you have so that A Handyman Co will have a knowledge database of all the

types of fixtures and appliances that are in your home. This allows our technician to bring with them the

correct parts at the time of the quarterly visits. Saves time for the homeowner and gives the technician

more time to maintain your home. This includes general maintenance such as replacing heating filters,

removing leaves from gutters once a year, tightening and adjusting faucets and shower heads, small

repairs to walls and floors and more. We take a quick look at the rest of your home every quarter so we can

head off any major repairs. Major repairs or remodels are scheduled and quoted separately.

Give us a call, or contact us through our website and we’d by happy to send you more information

describing exactly what is covered by a Home Care Maintenance Program.

Who are typical users of a Home Care Maintenance Plan?

Many of our customers fall into one of the following categories:

Busy individuals / Professionals / Senior citizens / or people who do not have the time, interest, or skills to

maintain their home, or would simply rather be doing other more enjoyable things in life. Home Care

Maintenance Services provides an option that has never before existed... the option to outsource home

maintenance to professionals who are solely dedicated to the single competency of residential

maintenance. The Home Care Program is a way to hand over much of your ‘To-do’ list to professionals who

are happy to do it for you.

Seniors who would like to stay in their own home but are at a point in life where they’re ready to let

someone else deal with physical demands of maintaining their home.

Children of Aging Parents will often purchase a Home Care Maintenance Program for their parents. A

Home Care Maintenance Plan is a way to ensure that the home is being properly maintained while

providing a healthy and safe environment for aging parents. What a great way to give back to your parents

for all they have done for you! And the care-giving children don’t have to give up their time, evenings and

weekends maintaining their parent’s home. A Home Care plan provides a much needed solution for aging seniors,

especially in those situations where the care-giving children have relocated to different parts of the

country, or world, and their parents need some help taking care of their home.

Single Parent Households and Surviving Spouses are also common users of the A Home Care Maintenance

Program for many of the same reasons mentioned above. The time, physical ability, skills, and tools

needed to properly maintain a home can be daunting for many. This can be especially true for single

parents and surviving spouses.

Builders, Realtors, and other Home-sellers, use A Home Care Maintenance Program as a ‘sales incentive’

tool to help differentiate their properties and promote sales.

A Home Care Plan makes a great gift for that busy spouse who is well-intended but never seems to be

able to find the time to keep up with the home ‘to-do list. Just about everybody would be thrilled to get a

year or two off from the home maintenance chores.

Being able to provide our customers that most precious gift of extra time or a solution to a difficult

problem in life are some of the greatest joys we receive at A Handyman Co.

If you find a need for a major repair, do you perform the repair work?

If we find an existing problem in your home that would need more time, we will let you know of the damage

and what it would take to repair or replace it. You can then have us schedule the work to be done by us or

you can get another contractor of your choosing. Our hourly rates are $75 but as a member you get 10% off

our labor ($68). Before you have us do the work for you, we recommend that you get a second opinion from

another contractor. One of our goals at The Handyman Co is to act as your trusted advisor on all matters

concerning the maintenance of your home. In this way our customers gain confidence and trust in the

repairs recommended by A Handyman Co, and we get to operate in a manner that is truly in the best

interest of our customers.

Does someone need to be home during the service call?

No. It is not necessary for anyone to be at home during a quarterly service call. A Handyman Co will

contact you to set up appointment times and method of access in advance. A Handyman Co representative

will always confirm the visit within 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. At this time you can also

let them know of any concerns you wish for them to address during the visit if time permits.

How much does the service cost?

Every Plan starts with an inspection. If you have had an inspection from another vendor when you bought

your home, we can work with that. Or you can have us look at your home and give you a detailed

explanation of what we find. This usually takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours. About $187.50 to $262.50. Home Care

Maintenance program costs only $65.00 per month. This gives you a two hour quarterly maintenance visit.

Two hours every three months!

Are there any other fees?

Only if we have to buy the materials for you. Caulking, heater filters, insulation, washers for faucets and

more. We will let you know what is needed for our next visit and you can either choose to get it yourself or

have us pick up the supplies. If the repairs are more of a concern and need to be addressed before our next

visit, we will talk this over with you and take whatever action you want us to. Unscheduled visits are at $65

an hour minus the 10% member discounted hours.

What do you cover during these seasonal visits?


Check and clean gutters. Remove hose bib covers. Power wash deck your porch (if time permits). Check

for leaks around the windows and under your sinks and toilets.


Caulk around windows and doors if needed. This usually needs to be done every 3 years. Apply moss killer

on roof and sidewalks if needed. Check hot water heater for pressure and leaks. Inspect bathrooms. Re-

caulk showers and tubs as needed. This should be done every 3 years.


Check and clean gutters and downspouts. Cover outdoor water bibs. Clean and vacuum home heating

units, wall or floor mounted, and forced air. If forced air we will test for efficiency and clean and adjust the

unit accordingly. Change or clean heating filters as needed.


This is the time when we take care of your “Honey-Do” list. At this point your house is already set for the

winter. Now is the time to take care of those little nagging projects. Loose hinges on the doors, creaking

stairways, loose cabinets, dripping faucets, replacing loud bathroom fans, replace bad garbage disposals

and more.

Each home is different. We may have other items that you may want to have us take care of such a clean

slippery docks, power wash patios, hang Christmas lights and take them down and so on. We can make a

schedule just for your home and design it to fit your needs.

Usually after the first two seasonal visits there is enough time to take care of those “To-Do” list items

during the next two visits. Also you can add those 2 winter hours to longer projects in your home such as

bathroom remodeling, adding new wall dividers and so on. You paid for the time, use it as you wish!.

We also have weekly programs and Monthly programs available

Weekly designed for lawn care, garden care, snow removal. Weekly and Monthly programs simply more

time you have to enjoy life while we do the chores.